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Quality CNC Routing Machines For All Your Woodworking Needs. Find a Large Selection of CNC Routers, CNC Shark, Click-N-Carve and More at Rockler. So whether you’re a hobbyist looking to make extraordinary carved gifts or a professional who needs to mass-produce detailed wood products, Rockler has the perfect model to fit your needs. Wood carving machines have been around for over 100 years, when simple copy machines with multiple spindles would make copies of existing wood pieces. The Click-N-Carve BE2015 CNC Carving Machine shown here is an exclusive product from Rockler and appears to be aimed directly at the general woodworking market rather than high-end niche segments. When carving wood the best direction is across the grain rather than parallel to it. I know this is opposite of most routing we do in woodworking but the size of the cutter and the fact that it is not cutting out through the edge of the piece let it make a much smoother cut working across the grain rather than with it.

wood carving machines  2The CarveWright Wood Carving Machine, also sold as the Craftsman CompuCarve, is a powerful counter-top CNC wood carving machine. How well does it work?.

Carvewright (cw001) Wood Carving Machine Review

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