Who Owns The Fence Between Two Houses Woodworking DIY Project

Both property owners own the fence erected between the property lines when both use it. Every state interprets use differently. There are three main definitions:. A dividing fence is normally constructed on the common boundary line between two properties, although it may be built off the boundary line when the physical features of the land prevent it. Yesterday I approached my neighbor about replacing the fence between our yards and she said it belongs to me. The correct answer as stated already is the fence belongs to the person that owns the property it’s on, regardless of who built it or which way it faces. If both parties agree to tear down fence and rebuild it where it is, it doesn’t matter who’s property it’s on, because both parties agree.

who owns the fence between two houses 2I know we all have moved into the houses since the fence was already standing when we each moved in. As you can imagine, these two people then fight over who takes care of the weeds growing between the two fences. You can put your fence 18 inches inside the property line and own it completely, but if your yard is only 13 feet wide (as mine is) that doesn’t work out too well. I owned a house in Massachusetts; when I bought the house, there were two separate fences on the property line between my house and my next-door neighbor’s house. Property line issues have suddenly cropped up in the emails I’ve received in the past few weeks. Keeping up with local fence laws, good neighbor regulations, even your local home owners’ association rules can keep relations between you and your neighbors a lot more healthy. Both owners are responsible for keeping the fence in good repair, and neither may remove it without the other’s permission, according to the site.

Heres the thing the dividing fence between mine and next door in the back garden has fell down who should be the one to replace it. They own their house and we privately rent so can’t do a thing about it. If my yard and a neighbor’s yard both touch a fence, whose fence is it? Unfortunately, I have not clue who the owner of the house is. The person in that house who has just moved in 2 months ago says its mine even though its attached to his property.

How Do You Determine Ownership Of A Privacy Fence?

who owns the fence between two houses 3Q: I live in a terraced house with a wall separating my garden with my neighbour’s on one side and a fence on the other. Boundaries between gardens can be a real bone of contention between neighbours. For example, with a wall, it can appear to be exactly the same on both sides with no clear indication of it being on a particular property and would therefore, most likely have to be regarded as a joint boundary wall with joint responsibility. Generally, a fence on one’s own land is not a nuisance merely because it obstructs the passage of light and air to an adjoining property. The only way to determine the boundary between two properties is to have it surveyed, have the survey recorded with the county in which the property is located, and, to avoid any disputes, have your neighbor agree that the survey is accurate, rather than obtain his or her own survey and therefore raise an issue with respect to the accuracy of the initial survey. First time home owner (although it’s been over 3 years now), and my backyard fence is in disrepair and slowly getting worse. So, as with most people in most neighborhoods, I share a fence with two neighbors (I live on a corner lot). 2 feet (varied by township) of your property on the neighbors side of the fence and you had to have the nicer side of the fence facing away from your property. For instance, my neighbor growing up wanted to replace the short fence between his yard and my dad’s yard. It is worth is giving up an inch or two of your land to avoid it going onto next door and creating a dispute. If you are using Larch Lap fencing, where the panels sit between the posts, then make sure that the entire post is on your side of the boundary and that the top strip overlaps the lower strip on the fact which point towards your neighbours. Boundaries are normally to the left of your property,so if the fence as you look out your door to the left is the 1 in question then i think youll find this is yours,then just overhand point that side as you go. The T does not mean you or they own the Boundary, rather you are responsible for the upkeep of materials that make up the separating line between the two properties. If you or your neighbour has at any time erected a fence on that boundary, then in general, they or you own the fencing or walling materials the make it up. If you want to build a fence between your property and your neighbour’s you don’t need to argue forever about how it should be done or who will pay. What should the fencing notice say? The notice should state that it is served under the Fencing Act 1978 and contain the names and addresses of both you and your neighbour. If you don’t fancy any of these, you could just build the fence back from the boundary on your own property.

Who Owns The Fence

Mine shows who owns the fences – I own the one on the left and across the back. If the fence lies between two properties on the boundary line of the properties and there is no written contract between you as to how the cost of the fence will be split between the neighbours, there is a Line of Fences Act in Ontario that the neighbours can rely on to have a fence-viewer come to their property. The new fence they put up is between my property and theirs. You don’t legally own the property yet as you haven’t closed on it. I am concerned that this could happen to me one day as I share a fence with neighbors on both sides of me. Fences between neighbouring land should be located on the boundary but many aren’t precise. This doesn’t change the ownership of the land and doesn’t matter if both you and the neighbour can accept it.