Wheel Stand Pro V2 T300rs Woodworking DIY Project

Wheel Stand Pro for Logitech Driving Force GT /PRO /EX /FX wheels – V2. Stand for Thrustmaster T300RS,TX, TMX & T150 Racing Wheel – DELUXE V2. Wheel Stand Pro V2 Deluxe rattiteline Thrustmaster TX Wheel/T150/T300 RS -ratille.

wheel stand pro v2 t300rs 2I’m thinking of buying a gaming wheel and stand for use on PS4. What do people think of using either of these as a stand for a wheel. Most of the wheel stands I’ve seen are over 60 and Wheel Stand Pro v2 is 99. I own a Wheel Stand Pro v1, which I use with my Xbox 360. Very well built and worth the money. With that wheel now rendered useless on the PS4,:apologetic: I’m waiting for delivery of a T300 RS. Will the Wheelstand be compatible with the T300 RS? Buy Wheel Stand Pro V2 for Thrustmaster T300RS/T300TX with fast online shipping and top-rated customer service in-store. The Wheel Stand Pro V2 appears to be the best option for this, while still offering a not unreasonable amount of wobble. The thing is, the retailer in Canada selling the things, does not list the T300RS among compatible devices in any of the Wheel Stand models that they carry.

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