Trojan Mitre Saw Stand Woodworking DIY Project

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Thank you for your interest in TROJAN products. Our Workcenter, which was our first Portable Miter Saw Stand, has become a national best seller because of its simple design and sturdy construction. Trojan Quality Tools offers Rugged Cart, Portable Plan Table, Mountable Bracket, Heavy Duty Roller Stand, Work center Accessory, Dolly Cartin. Also offers Wall Puller, Miter Saw Stand Extension, Door Holder, Tile Saw Stand. TROJAN-MS-2000 MS-2000 Portable Miter Saw Stand – available at See TROJAN-MS-2000 plus more TROJAN at Acme Tools.

trojan mitre saw stand 2Trojan Stands, Material Support & Clamping Tables. Like many products, miter saw stands come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. I selected the Trojan MS-2000 as the Best Professional Miter Saw Stand because it can stand up to the demands of most professionals in the industry. Portable miter saw table review and a buying guide. Best small portable miter saw stand for woodworking including Dewalt, Bosch and Trojan.

Big Saw Stand. Trojan’s Wide Body Miter Saw Stand (MS-2008-WB) is made for the biggest sliding compound miter saws. It has a 24-by-40-inch plywood tabletop wide enough to comfortably accommodate a 12-inch slider and flared legs for a stable 2-foot-wide stance. Trojan-Miter Saw Stand -MS-2000-This miter saw stand is. Designed to fit any miter saw or compound slide saw, this Trojan stand is light, portable, and easy to set up. Trojan Standard Portable Miter Saw Stand. In Stock 386.46. Rugged Safety Rugged Safety. Rugged Safety Discount Construction Equipment.

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116 x 40 Mounting area, (2) 32L roller sections with 27 of additional extensions. Trojan Steel Cut-Off Benches – Making the cut-off saw more user friendly. When using long rails it is necessary to have a roller stand supporting each end of the rail. A mitre saw can be fitted to the same turn table as the cut-off saw. Trojan miter saw stand. The Bosch TB4 gravity-rise miter saw stand features the patented gravity rise system, and rapid set up and breakdown. The newWide Body MS-2008-WB miter saw stand is the next generation of Trojan’s traditionally rugged and time-savingcart-to-stand design.

Trojan Manufacturing Wide Body Miter Saw Stand