Tablesaw Dovetail Jig Woodworking DIY Project

tablesaw dovetail jig 1

This jig allows you to make great dovetails on your first day. You can build this jig entirely by hand, but I cheated and used a table saw for a couple of the precise angle cuts. Table saw fences. Legendary accuracy, repeatability and efficiency. Router system accessories. Upgrade your router table/table saw system now. Jig & fixture components. Make joinery operations easy and extremely accurate. Homemade table saw dovetail jig constructed from plywood and lumber. Consists of both a pins jig and a tails jig.

tablesaw dovetail jig 2Cutting dovetails using this jig is much like cutting them by hand using the pins-first method, except 1) you use the bandsaw instead of a hand saw to cut the pins and tails, 2) the layout of the joint is much simpler, and 3) if you’re doing multiple joints, you only have to do the layout once. The only problem I see with the either of the table saw jigs is the difficulty of balancing the workpiece on its end vertically, especially if it’s very long and/or skinny. Dovetails can be cut by hand, on the table saw, band saw or with a router. The table saw can be used with jigs or by simply tilting the blade to cut the tails and angling the miter gauge for the pins.

The Sorted Details: Bandsaw Dovetail Jig

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Dovetail Jig