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To determine the width of gate a customer needs I ask them questions like:. Here are some standard sizes of gates and their purposes:. If you maintain a wood fence properly it can last you up to 30 years, that is a very long time considering the fact that it is much less expensive than the most common alternative, vinyl or PVC fence. Any suggestions on how wide a fence gate can be? Posts are 4×4 cedar. Re: Fence gate width? The posts are 4×4 and now my gate is just 1 1/2 thick. This would allow standard hinges to work. Light Blue; — Old School; — Orange Purple; — Pink; — CW Default; —- CW Default – Full Width; — Stripes; — Wood. Shop Fencing and Edging. Most garden gates fall into the standard size range from four to six feet high and 32 to 36 inches wide, although a gate can be built to accommodate any size. It is important the width of the gate can accommodate your yard equipment and tools. Wood and metal are the two most common, although low maintenance choices like vinyl and composite are becoming more popular.

standard wooden fence gate width 2But this fence has thicker, higher quality wood, more detail and better fasteners than any store-bought selection. Aside from the standard posthole digging implements and basic carpentry tools, you’ll only need a circular saw, a screw gun and a 4-ft. A table saw also comes in handy for ripping panel boards to width where needed (Photo 11). The spaced picket fence is a historical design used for front and side yards. Standard field gates here are 16′. In some places we have two 16′ gates. I couldn’t do that as easily if it was a wooden fence.

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