Should Nightstands Be The Same Height Woodworking DIY Project

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The perfect bedside table could be high, low, built-In, or not a table at all. Should they match the bed? Should they match each other? First, your nightstand should be about the same height as the top of your mattress, give or take a few inches. Ideally, err on the higher side. How high or low should the nightstand be in relation to the bed? I like them the same height, it just makes it easier to turn the alarm clock off with just a reach of the arm.

should nightstands be the same height 2In any case, your nightstand height should ideally fall within a few inches of the level you sleep at. Metal nightstands with a polished, reflective metal surface can fulfill the same space-enhancing principles of a white nightstand. When your tables are the same height as your mattress (my preference) they provide a pleasing visual line all the way across. If you have a king size bed you need a larger bedside table ranging from 20 – 40 wide. They’re going back and forth on a pair of nightstands for the bed, he wants storage for his reading material, she wants something pretty and leggy and I was sharing with them that it’s possible to have different bedside tables because nightstands need not match. A pair of nightstands or dressers that are different styles but share the same height and visual weight can be a successful combination and one that serves the preferences of whomever sleeps on that side. There are no rules that state your bedside tables should or shouldn’t match.

If your nightstand is 24 to 30 tall, Lamps should be at least 27 32 tall. (if you have more than one), to be at exactly the same height as the matress of the bed. I recommend 29 for the bedside table height. Another great way of doing this while still maintaining refined style is to have two different shaped tables with the same finish: stay away from painting them the same bright colour as it runs the risk of looking too cottage kitschy. The general rule for nightstands is that they should be roughly the same height as your mattress. This makes it easy for things like reaching for your glass of water or book and turning off the alarm.

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Bedside lamps should be in proportion to the bedside table and typically 19 to 21 inches from the top of the mattress. Try to keep all lamps in the same room about the same height. The nightstands should either be the same general shape and different colors/finishes (as above) -or- they should be different shapes and the same general color/finish. Mismatched but they are both raw wood and similar in height and width. Smaller nightstands should be used in smaller spaces and with smaller beds. I am thinking that they should be level with the top of my mattress. I too have nightstands that were once the same height as my mattress. Your nightstand should be in direct proportion to your bed in terms of width. You want the nightstand to complement the bed, not overpower it or feel too small. I found 2 lamps totally different but same height. Hi Joe My personal preference is about 12 less than the width of the bed, but depending on the shape of the bed frame and of the bench, sometimes they look good even when they are both the same width!

William Miller Design: How Tall Should A Bedside Lamp Be?

Designers will tell you that a room should look like it was assembled over time, not picked up yesterday at a furniture store. Each of my nightstands has the same lamp, which creates cohesion. My vintage piece is actually about six inches shorter than the other nightstand, so I use a stack of books to make the lamps the same height, which connects the pieces. He also suggests choosing a couch with an overall height of 30 inches. The bedside table should be, at minimum, the same height as the bed, or up to 4 inches taller if you need the storage space.