Recovering Chairs With Fabric Woodworking DIY Project

recovering chairs with fabric 1

Upholstery fabric (most chairs will require about 5 yards). Straight pins. Black breathable fabric (for underside of chair). Watch: Secrets to Reupholstering Success. Reupholstering is a great way to bring tired-looking chairseven tired-looking roomsback to life. We bought our fabric, foam and batting at a fabric store. We used butter knives to wedge between the fabric and the wood to separate the chair at its seams. The fabric is sometimes held together with cardboard.

recovering chairs with fabric 2Whether it’s you reupholstering the chair or a professional you’ve hired, knowing your measurements will help determine the amount of yardage you will need. Take fabric off chair by pulling out staples with a staple puller (upholsterer’s staple remover — Image 1). Be sure to remove all staples and tacks. Never place new fabric over the old material. Resource Guide on How to do specific Fabric Projects, like recovering a drop-in chair seat.

This is the reason I love oilcloth over standard fabric for kids chairs.

How To Measure Dining Room Chairs For Upholstery Fabric

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