Pressure Treated Pine Vs Cedar Fence Woodworking DIY Project

Western Red Cedar is a better fence material, but it is more expensive. Pressure treated pine is acceptable, but will split, cup, and warp more over time. The most popular summer projects are decks and fences, and the most popular material for these types of projects is wood, by a long shot. It requires less maintenance than other types of wood, such as pine or spruce, and even PT wood. Pressure treated fences are usually thinner. My concern/question regards using different materials (cedar pickets + PT pine posts).

pressure treated pine vs cedar fence 2Pine and cedar make up more than 80 percent of wood used for fencing. Most pine used in fencing is treated with a pressure and preservatives to prevent it from decaying. I’m still green to the deck business & I have never dealt with cedar yet. Can anyone provide me with a little comparative info pressure treated vs. cedar? CCC Fence recommends pressure-treated posts and either a Western Red Cedar picket or Domestic Southern Yellow Pine picket. What kind of warranty do you offer on my fence? You will have a one-year warranty on all workmanship and materials on your new purchase.

So far I’ve read a lot of people saying that cedar posts will outlast pressure treated pine and others that say it’ll rot very quickly. So I’ve decided to come to these forums and see if anyone has experience with using cedar posts for an outdoor fence, and whether or not they have good/bad experiences. Is treated better than Western Red, Incense Cedar or Douglas Fir? However, treated and stained white and red pine posts have proven to be an excellent choice for fence posts. When treated with a ACQ or ACQ2 pressure treatment; the wood proves to be almost impenetrable. That depends, are you wanting to bring down an exterior wall or hang a picture on a wall? A sledge may work to hang a picture on a wall but really. Pressure Treated Pine Pickets. Pros.

Pine Wood Fence Vs. Cedar Wood Fence (with Pictures)

Pressure-treated wood is made mostly of southern yellow pine, and occasionally fir. This lumber has a more pronounced grain than redwood, cedar or cypress and will accept any exterior stain. Figuring Out Fences – Wood Fences. Western Red Cedar fence with lattice, Arlington, VA. In this region most wood fences are built using either Pressure Treated Pine or Western Red Cedar. Pressure-treated or ‘P.T.’ lumber is wood that has undergone a process to make it more durable so that it is not susceptible to water, rot, termites, or fungus.

Cedar Fence Posts