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Building a plywood-epoxy motor boat in the back yard. This is an occasional blog with tips and notes for amateur boatbuilders, to help with decisions that must be made before and during a boatbuilding project, as well as after launch. Many boats are built with exterior grade plywood and they can give give long service. I received my well-packaged crate of plywood just a few days later. Right off, I was more impressed with the Hydrotek than the Douglas Fir marine plywood I d been using up to this point.

plywood boat building blog 2Cruising boats with interior accommodations, auxiliary power and sailing rigs can vary widely in cost depending on the care and thought taken in the selection of each and every component. Many new builders incorrectly see the plywood as a major component of the boat, (after all, it is a plywood boat, right?) but the reality of it is that in most modern designs that rely heavily on epoxy for the assembly, sheathing and fairing of the hull, the plywood cost is a small percentage in relation to other materials. Reuel Parker Egret 31.5 Sharpie Build Blog. Boatbuilding articles, Resources for boatbuilders including boat hardware, finishes, and boatbuilding plans and methods. Marine Boatbuilding Plywood information. Carbon Fiber information Should you consider carbon fibre? This article will give you a layman’s understanding. I’ve put several links to boatbuilding diaries and blogs. Picking the plans. Deciding on the perfect cruising boat is a crazy endeavour.

The Wooden Boat Blog bringing you the latest advice and tips on building and restoring Wooden Boats, as well as success stories from other boat restorers and builders. 1955 Helton Runabout – want to replace plywood bow deck with planked wood. The sheer stringer has been covered with a 8 mm plywood cap followed by a 10 mm mahogany cleat. In order to fair the sheer-line at some sections a second layer of mahogany cleat was required. As the designer of some several hundred boat building projects, I find myself lately often being asked to advise on material substitutions and building strategy changes. At my office the sales of plywood/epoxy boats have surged recently.

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plywood boat building blog 3Most of our plywood boats are well suited to being built from kits and many boats have been built this way to our designs for years. Our blog tracks interesting things under way in the world of boats and boat building. Autumn Leaves: A Simple Plywood Canoe Yawl Feb 12, 2016 by John C. Harris. In boatbuilding ShopBot CNCs are used for cutting frames, plywood panels, and all manner of interior and exterior parts. Seaside Small Craft; read more about it on Bill’s Blog. On 26 March 2016 in News, On the web, Wooden boat-building 0. Quebec, he is able to build VivierBoats, as well as provides CNC cut plywood kits. A free online amateur boatbuilding magazine. Blog Roundup Read all the boat building blogs from the past week. Fibreglass Boats from Plywood Plans If you want to build a small fiberglass boat as an amateur, the choices are much more limited. The idea of building a canoe in a short period of time seemed to open up the possibility of building the boat in a foreign country with local materials and leaving the boat when the vacation was over. I needed advice and went online to find a country, a boat to build and the skills and tools to create this project. The plan was day one to cut the plywood panels, coat them with epoxy then build the seats.

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I made a forehatch cover from plywood and clear polycarbonate, and lastly, I changed from a transom mainsheet track to centre sheeting for no better reason than I was scared the sheet might foul on my outboard motor and cause a capsize. Thanks to the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. Wooden Kit Boats,Kit Boats cut by CNC machine, Boat plans for purchase, yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from wood epoxy, plywood,wooden boat kits, dinghies, cruising sailboats and power cruisers, rowing shells, boatbuilding advice, Dudley Dix Design boat kits, Lavranos design boat kits, Catamaran boat kit, Supplers of Plywood, Bendy Plywood, Flexible plywood, Deluxe light Plywood, Veneer, and exotic timbers. VISIT OUR BLOG. We envisage timber and Kit boat building will become more popular over the next couple of years. Building Plywood Pontoons and Longtail Boat Engines out of Scrap. Want some pedal power for your wooden go-kart? at Kartbuilding Blog. You can check more on Diy Project Panel!. Blog Construction and Design Tips Index. Below are links to blog posts relating to design, construction, and general boatbuilding tips.

Building of this 240-gallon plywood tank will be described here. Plywood House Boat Building on a Large Scale. Blog Archive. We will feature the skiff at the March 19-20 Maine Boat Builders Show. Welcome – future boat builder., This site contains information on duck boat building plans. framed and ready for plywood. the center of my system involves a layout boat. Recently, I was contacted by Phoenix III builder, Jonathan McNally regarding some persistent cracking he has noticed in his boat where the garboard strake (i. For those who have missed it, here is a link to a recent blog post I put up about the hull structure of Phoenix III after Jonathan first reported his problem. Pre-coating sheets of plywood laid flat on a bench is certainly convenient, and efficient from the coating application perspective.