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My neighbor’s children keep breaking my backyard fence so they can pet my dog. In the long run, you will be happier than making enemies of your neighbors by filing a police report against their kids. It may even encourage them to break more of the fence. Keep us updated! Property clinic: can I make my neighbour pay for fence damage? A tree fell on my garden in the recent storms, damaging a couple of fence panels. It essentially imposes a statutory obligation on the landlord to keep the property in repair.

neighbours keep breaking my fence 2This situation is getting out of hand as the dogs are breaking into my tenants backyard and I am worried one might bite someone. I guess I will stop by my house and take pictures of the fence and then drop by his office. Yesterday lunch time I opened the back door to find my neighbours 2 dogs in my back garden one is a bull mastif and the other a staffy. This annoyed me as my landlord said we are not responseable for that fence and even if we were it was her dogs that broke the darn thing. The lady next door has a responsibility to keep her dogs under control. One of these times the fence is going to break. What can I do to prevent them from climbing my fence and getting into my yard? They should learn to respect their neighbours and if they can’t, and their parents are aware of it, wash your hands of it.

My mum got this same company in and they did a very good job, left the place spotless after they’d done their work and were very friendly. Our neighbour’s child is constantly playing football in garden – unfortunately where they have added a conservatory, shed, trampoline, etc. A piece of the fence has fallen off where it is constantly being knocked and my husband repaired it. Explain the situation and ask them to repair the fence seeing as its your property and they broke it! Sometimes I’m asked to return footballs that come over the fence several times a day. In the past I’ve encouraged them to knock and ask for the ball rather than just climb over the fence and risk breaking it, so at least they do that now! Maybe if I just don’t answer the door and stop returning them each time, they’ll learn to play at the other end of the field and I’ll get some peace. My neighbour has threatened the kids with the police over the ball, but her not returning them is theft, so say police.

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neighbours keep breaking my fence 3Sounds like you need an electric wire along the top to keep them back. Don’t want to go down the legal route but it had crossed my mind to try and get to it next time before they do and put it in a shed, it might just concentrate their mind if they realise it might not be so easy next time as to just bring it back over the fence to their place like they have been doing! But you’re right, being nice and reasonable doesn’t seem to be working. Had the same problem with the neighbours cattle, breaking into our crops EVERY week and wanting us to pay for a new fence to keep his cattle in, our crops have NEVER once broke into his ground and made a mess!! Sought advice here in N. Neighbours – garden fence damage In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. One of the ropes I could reach over and cut (although I’m not sure whether that would constitute damage – even though they are damaging my fence! I did mention that the dogs jumping up the fence were scaring my partner and she didn’t feel like she could go in the garden. They advised that they would speak to the neighbour to keep her dog under control. Fences And Hedges often cause arguments between neighbours. Now the fence has come down in the high winds and I want to get the new owner to at least get rid of the pieces as they’re damaging my garden. I have an ongoing dispute with my neighbour where I am constantly being reported to the police and my social housing manager for things that I haven’t done. We’ve noticed that the neighbourhood kids keep. Spoke to the neighbour and they got banned from climbing over. I just toss balls I find in my yard back over the fence. 6 years ago I replaced the fence along my garden as I got 2 miniature poodles. Approx 6 months ago The neighbours got a dog, a Labrador. Is there any responsibility for the neighbours or their landlord to help fund the new fence? I am not sure legally who actually owns the fence, but I did replace it myself 5 years ago to keep my dogs in.

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Anyway, their boy is CONSTANTLY up our garden fence when we’re in the garden – whether we’re out for a second or whether we’re spending time in the sun, he pops up the fence. I’d have gotten into if I hung over my neighbours fence like he does, my parents would have gone ballistic! My husband was annoyed because he asked this boy to get off the fence because it’s sagging beneath his weight and he’ll cause it to collapse, the boy told him ‘it’s our fence’. We and other neighbors have yelled over the fences to please stop, to no avail. My dog is one of the most noise tolerant dogs. It’s been suggested that we file a police report but they aren’t breaking the noise ordinance and how do we prove animal cruelty? Now the dog has already broken our boundary fence, which is on the side we are responsible for. Its only a pup and playing, but its a reasonable size already and my youngest is pretty terrified of the dog already, to the extent where she won’t go out to play and the slightest noise has her twitching in case its the dog! I’ve started to replace the fence but ran out of time today. We have the same problem with our next door neighbours letting their dog foul on our garden, once I pointed out a maximum fine of 1000 of allowing this, they’ve decided to make an effort to keep said pooch out of our garden. When I moved into the NW Suburb neighborhood the neighbors were not so friendly because I am a single person not a family moving into the neigborhood. Last year my fence was broke and I just fixed it without saying anything, I always see bikes set up against it and balls being hit againt it. This summer the new thing is the kids are climbing the fence for their balls, What can I do to make this stop?

Neighbors dog destroying my fence discussion on the TexAgs Outdoors forum. She will jump up on the fence and break or knock boards down. First thing I would do is attach the boards better with screws to keep my kids safe. 0. How can I keep my neighbor’s pet from coming into my yard. A hole in their physical fence, an irresponsible child at home or an issue with their invisible fence could be at fault. My Neighbor Keeps Trespassing on my yard and damaging my property. We have just returned home from a break to find our 6ft fence replaced with a 4 footer. What do I do now? I don’t want a little fence. If its not breaking any laws then its my 6ft going straight back up alongside then. How else can they keep an eye on what you’re up to? Woman faces court for whitewashing HER side of neighbour’s fence. Some of the white paint is dripping through on to my side and I only have planning permission to have it brown. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have to keep shades closed on my bedroom window because we caught him looking in with binoculars from the tree line, dressed in those outfits Navy SEALs wear when they are hiding out. I used to have a neighbor that would constantly throw trash over their back fence into my yard, did it all the time. They do have two big dogs that are always breaking off the leash.