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Even simpler: cut a plywood plank longer than your keyboard, paint it black, and place it between your keyboard and the keyboard stand. The Quik-Lok X Stand Laptop Holder is designed to easily attach to the end of Quik-Lok’s X-Series keyboard stands. The LPH-X computer holder accommod. Hi, I have been looking for something for a while now. I have a need for a dual-tier keyboard stand that has a laptop holder on it as well.

keyboard stand with laptop holder 2Ultimate Support Systems has provided musicians with unique support solutions for over 30 years, and our Keyboard Stands are some of the most beloved and iconic in the history of keyboard and synthesizer performance. HERCULES once again sets the standard for quality and durability with its full line of keyboard stands. Designed for easy height adjustment and setup, EZ-LOK and AutoLock keyboard stands save you time and effort, and let you focus on your music. Laptop Holder for Most X-Series Keyboard Stands, Read customer reviews and buy online at Best Buy.

Does anybody use any kind of dual keyboard stand that’s also capable of supporting a laptop on either sides of the stand? I know there’s a few model such as spider pro stands that also have a laptop holder, but theirs is placed in the middle which is very annoying on the stage, as it totally blocks your front view. A great roundup of the best single, 2 tier, and 3 tier keyboard stands up to 200 with the recommendations based upon Gearank scores out of 100. This article focuses on stands primarily designed for 49 key instruments and up – if you need a stand for a mini or micro keyboard then carefully check the minimum width a stand or its tiers can be adjusted to, or consider getting a music laptop stand or an attachment for a larger stand. Buy QuikLok LPH-Z Add-On Laptop Holder for Z-Series Keyboard Stands features Accommodates Most Notebooks, Adjustable Height, Tilt, & Swivel. Review QuikLok Keyboard Stands, Keyboard Accessories.

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Pro folding stand for keyboards, DJ gear, audio equipment, and more. Add-on tier for Roland pro folding keyboard stand. LP-1T Folding Laptop Stand. Link a keyboard, mouse and other extras to your laptop for more ergonomic use on your desktop and adjust your laptop like you would your monitor. Our laptop stands and vertical risers offer a range of solutions. Here’s a look at five of the best laptop stands, nominated by you, our readers. My question is – what is the BEST way to mount a laptop into a live rig situation?At the moment, I’m having to carry around an extra keyboard stand and then placing one of my roadcases on top of this as a temporary ‘table’, but there is much more room on it than I require, plus it forces me to have it at 90 degrees to me. They also make an arm to fit their keyboard stand for laptops. Same Day Shipping till 8PM on new Quick lok Add-On Laptop Holder for Z-Series Keyboard Stands. MPN LPHZ SKU QLAMSLPHZ. From – more than a camera store. Joined: Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:24 pmPosts: 1516Location: Homefree Any users of QuikLok or Ultimate Support? They seem to be the top 2. These Ultimate Support V-stands look pretty sexy. I’m seriously designing a stand for laptop / keyboard musicians myself.

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