Jet 14 Bandsaw Fence Woodworking DIY Project

JET 708718R Rip Fence Assembly with Resaw for 14 in. Band Saws. JET 708127 Carter Style Band Saw Bearing Blade Guides for 14 in. Band Saws. JRF-14R, Rip Fence with Resaw for 14 Inch Bandsaw. Positive locking assembly slides along rail with low-friction plastic contact points for smooth, easy adjustments. TheEZ Square Bandsaw Rip Fence is the perfect aftermarket fence if you’re serious about saving time and making straight cuts. Accuright table inserts for Jet 14.

jet 14 bandsaw fence 2Though a C-frame saw, the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO comes standard with 12 resaw capacity built into its column; no need for a riser block. Yes, I had to get a fence as an option but that worked out fine because I was then able to get the Kreg BandSaw fence which I find more superior than any ‘stock’ fence. Carter Products offers band saw guide conversion (retrofit) kits for many popular saws. Magfence II Band Saw Fence & Log Mill.

Tool Review: Deluxe 14-inch Bandsaws

swinging for the fences 3

Jet 708718r Rip Fence Assembly With Resaw For 14 In. Band Saws