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Are any of you guys selling entire MDF painted shaker doors as high end? Will this type of door make me appear like a producer of el cheapo cabinets? Should I use this manufacturer for their stained grade only and seek elsewhere for painted doors that only use minimal MDF? Forum Responses (Cabinetmaking Forum) From contributor E: I’m not selling entire MDF doors. The plan is to make some shaker style doors by gluing 75mm wide 6mm deep MDF boarder struos onto the surface of 12mm MDF panels, which are pre-cut to the current door sizes. The center panel of the shaker doors is fine to be MDF though. I thought shaker style, because they appear the easiest to make, are cute, and I had hoped less costly (but I might be wrong on that one) So if anyone knows of any good online sources, again it would be very much appreciated.

how to make mdf shaker doors 2On the bigger doors I prefer 22mm board with 9mm panels all MR MDF. When making shaker type doors I find a 6mm panel too light on wardrobe doors, usually OK with an 18/6mm combination for kitchen size doors. The process we used to create a shaker style cabinet from our old cabinets. Place MDF strip onto the cabinet door, making sure everything is flush like before. To save money, I bought a 4 x 8 foot sheet of MDF board from Lowe’s for approximately 37. I imagine you could even use flat trim on the edges for a Shaker-type profile.

1/2 poplar craft pieces to make the Shaker Style details on the doors. I need to point out the fruit or futility of this project isn’t going to be evident until the final doors are hung from their hinges and the drawers are slid into their tracks and I can see how they look. Now going to make doors out of 18mm MDF then fix 12mm timber around outside front face (like a fake shaker style door) Pproblem I know have is fixing hinges to doors.

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Hi I have been looking at making my own kitchen doors from MDF, I like the idea of the shaker style, 12mm MDF with 6mm. MDF Kitchen doors made to any size, Ideal for painting, also Bedroom Bathroom and cupboard doors. We can also make shaker doors with rails of any width. This sound like it would be cheaper and easier than making new doors from scratch if the hubby had instructions on how to do it. MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is just about the flattest and most structurally stable surface available. Shaker doors have solid lumber frames and lumber panels (except our DIY Shaker doors which have lumber frames and MDF panels). I’ve spent hours trying to find a decent website on how to properly build cabinets doors from mdf including proper construction techniques to priming and painting. Gus uses a place out west that delivers nationwide that has good pricing on Shaker doors with mdf panels. Make sure your nail gun is operating properly and set the nails properly. I have seen mdf shaker doors (painted) that were made just like standard 5 piece doors where there is a 1/4 dado running long side of the frame pieces then the 1/4 panel is inset into the dado as the pieces are glued and nailed together.

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MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors. Our website is designed to make your DIY or remodeling job easier. I’ve seen people make raised panel doors out of one piece of MDF. I’ve also seen a professional machine make a shaker door out of one piece.