How To Make Hidden Compartments In Furniture Woodworking DIY Project

Furniture with Secret Compartments, Part 2: Ready to Make Your Own? Other companies are hawking DVDs on how to construct hidden compartments in a variety of objects, as in this somewhat odd match-up between magician James Coats and contractor/designer Dan Hamann:. Craftsmen have been creating furniture with hidden compartments for centuries — and the practice lives on. It loses its secrecy only if it’s easy to spot, so a good secret compartment is modestly sized and well-camouflaged. Are you looking for a cheap easy way to secure a weapon near your bed in case of an emergency? If you happen to have a bed with hollow bed posts, this may be an answer for you. One of the more involved compartments is this DIY floating shelf with a hidden gun safe inside.

how to make hidden compartments in furniture 2There s always been DIY home-made or professional custom one-off furniture available with drawers, shelves, and compartments hidden in every conceivable location, but the small boutique custom furniture shops that specialize in camouflaged gun storage are enjoying a new surge in popularity. If you have young kids in your home who don t know about gun safety, assume that any compartment, safe, box, or closet that isn t securely locked is accessible to them, which can make hiding guns in your home a bit more difficult. Gun owners can always use alternative ways for hidden gun storage to keep a step ahead of burglars. Secret compartments within furniture are among the most unique ideas. The idea allows you to make a rifle or large gun part of a work of art. When you work with a CustomMade furniture maker, you can discuss your hidden storage ideas and find a unique location for your valuables or a novel way to conceal them.

It has lapped joints that require only hand tools to make. The top, middle and bottom shelf boxes of this bookcase are actually secret hidden compartments. Here is another in our popular series of Craftsman-style furniture projects. You can have that is small spaces as well and the key is furniture. It’s a modular unit that incorporates a bed along with additional storage spaces such as shelves, drawers and all sorts of hidden compartments. I make hidden compartments that are virtually undetectable. I was good at model-making and using hand tools, but this inspired me to take some classes and teach myself all kinds of useful skills like moldmaking, casting, soldering, welding, and making furniture.

Hiding Guns: Where To Stash Firearms Without A Safe

antique furniture with hidden compartments 3If you are like me, seeing puzzle boxes and secret compartments that operate in ways that seem to defy the laws of physics captures your full undivided attention. I also stumbled upon another great trick box that I found from MAKE Magazine’s YouTube channel. I’ve seen companies that specialize in hidden-in-plain-view safes and compartments that utilize many of the same principles, but it would be great to see a variety of examples applied to real projects with how-to’s.

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