How To Make Chair Pockets From Pillowcases Woodworking DIY Project

Bunting, Books, and Bright Ideas: SEW Easy Chair Pockets! First, I put the pillowcase over the back of my chair inside out. I then folded the open edge back up to create a pocket, and pinned the open edge in place at the right spot. So, I’ve decided that just maybe, I can make chair pockets to hold reading material: just right books, reading folder, and composition notebook-reader’s response journal. I’ve seen the Home Depot Aprons and pillowcases used as chair pockets on Pinterst, but those won’t be the color of my theme.

how to make chair pockets from pillowcases 2First, I tried using a pillowcase idea I saw on Pinterest but even standard size pillow cases are much too long and wide for my little kid chairs. I’m excited to tell y’all I found a little trick to make things easier. PAINTER’S TAPE! I tried pillow cases, but they were too flimsy. The book covers will be perfect!!! Yay! One of my problems solved!!!. am going to make them from denim this year. The pillow cases worked well and have lasted for 3 years. My students each brought one in and a parent volunteer sewed them for me.

Ergo, I looked for DIY chair pockets. I couldn’t sleep I jumped out of bed, got a sample pillowcase and attempted the no-sew chair pockets. Get each kiddo to bring in a pillow case and make them (or have some fabulous parent make them!!). I need a pattern for chair pockets that fit kindergarten chairs. I do NOT want to purchase ready made I m a widow and cannot afford to buy a full set of 25 pockets.

Chair Pockets For Preschool And Kindergarten Chairs

My idea: Easy No Sew Chair Pockets. It will look like you folded the pillowcase in half. One in front of the pocket and one on the back of it. 4. Each chair pocket takes about 10-15 minutes to make depending on your machines and your sewing set up. We were able to get two chair pockets from a yard of fabric, if your chairs are a different size, you might need more or less fabric. I made 6 chair pockets for my classroom chairs! I’m talking pajamas and pillow cases. So if I can make these, anyone with a sewing machine can make them too! I typed out very detailed instructions (sewing for dummies style) along with step-by-step full color pictures. The Chair Bag: Turn your pillow case inside out and slip it over the bag of the chair. Hem along the new opening and then make some Pockets by running seams across the pillow case.

No Sew Chair Pockets