How To Make A Floating Shelf Out Of Solid Wood Woodworking DIY Project

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I always wanted to build my own floating shelves and had seen some similar ideas but they were not quite as solid so took a little time to think about how I could improve on the ideas I had seen and still keep it simple. 1) Piece of solid wood for the shelf 2) 6mm thread bar 3) 6mm nuts x2 4) 6mm expansion bolts x2 5) oil to finish wood off (optional). 5) oil to finish wood off (optional). We really wanted wall-to-wall thicker solid wood shelves that maybe looked like they were floating, but not necessarily are since you can t very easily achieve that with solid wood. Even though we wanted the shelves to look like they were floating (ie, no visible brackets), we knew that would be difficult to achieve with the size of boards we were dealing with. After taking the measurements and deciding where the brackets would mount on the back wall, we marked these locations on our boards and routed spaces out so the brackets could set inside the boards, making them flush and less visible. Floating shelves are easy to put together and extremely useful. One basic execution is to bore a pair of holes into wall studs, insert metal bars or wood dowels into the framing and slip a solid wood shelf over the supports. A floating shelf is nothing more than a hollow box built out of plywood and pine.

how to make a floating shelf out of solid wood 2Out of all the elements in my new office I have received the most emails about these shelves. Usually when I build floating shelves with new wood they are a perfect fit and are nice and snug. We are in the process of installing floating shelves in a kitchen. The bracket leg sticking out into the room slides into a slot in the edge of the shelf which is miraculously formed by laying the shelf up with a hollow space in the center. The shelves are completely solid (we had planned on drilling 9 inches deep into them to make tunnels for the rods to slip into). KnowledgeBase: Wood Engineering: General Would you like to add information to this article?. Invisible screws can be used to make floating shelves to support heavy loads. Cut out this area with a chisel so that shelves will sit flush against the wall (Image 2). A decorative wooden molding or veneer can be attached to the edges of shelves to make them look like solid wood.

I DIY’d a set of chunky wooden floating shelves for less than 15 per shelf! To make everything look as seamless as possible, I wanted the width of the top board (AKA top of the shelf), hidden side support brace boards, and bottom board (AKA the bottom of the shelf) to equal the height of the front piece (AKA the front of the shelf) so that when everything was put together, each shelf would look like one chunky piece of solid wood. When we finally figured everything out, we bought the following:. Floating shelves are designed to conceal unsightly brackets and they are a beautiful way to add decorative storage to any room. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I used a dark stain to make the wood match better and look like an old beam. Even up close, they look almost like a solid beam.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

how to make a floating shelf out of solid wood 3Make and Install Lightweight Shelves that Seem to Float on the Dining Room Wall without Any Visible Means of Support. Edge the floating shelves with solid wooden strips mitered to make neat corners. Chunky Wooden Rustic Solid Floating Shelf Shelves Mantel Handmade 15cm Depth F15. Make your living room stand out with these three stylish hanging wall cube shelves. Find great deals on eBay for Floating Wood Shelf in Wall Shelves. Shop with confidence. Easy as hanging a picture this shelf shows no visible supports and actually appear. Unlike those that are inch thick or larger this is 3/4 inch solid wood. Kitchen Chronicles: DIY floating rustic shelves. 8 pieces for extra support since I was placing thin plywood on top instead of a thicker, more solid piece of wood. The wood would split in half before those bolts came out. Check out our selection at or contact us for custom quotes! Finally! DIY instructions for how to build solid wood floating shelves of any length, to stain or paint any desired color. Have you had a carpenter make such shelves? ie, to fit?

Diy Chunky Wooden Floating Shelves