How To Build A Close Board Fence With Concrete Posts Woodworking DIY Project

Closeboard fencing using feather edge boards and 4 inch posts. Closeboard fencing remains the most cost effective way to build a solid boundary that will stand the test of time. Whether you are using cant rails, arris rails, timber or concrete posts the basic erection process remains the same. Close board fencing is a simple construction of posts, rails, gravel boards and featheredge. Closeboard Kits with Concrete Posts & Concrete Gravel Boards. The kits has everything required to install traditional closeboard bay fencing with concrete posts and concrete gravel boards. Choose a 2.4 metre high post to terminate a fence run built.

how to build a close board fence with concrete posts 2Feather-edge fencing (also known as close board fencing) is a strong and versatile alternative to panel fencing. Appropriate materials to erect upright posts (concrete, hole diggers etc). Closeboard fencing on concrete posts and gravel board, security of a solid feather edge fence with the most durable post and gravel board option available. Local Trade and DIY collections welcome from our trade counter in Swindon Wiltshire. View your basket for UK Delivery options. Closeboard Fencing with Concrete Posts per m. Closed board fencing with concrete posts and gravel boards sold by the meter.

How do you build a close board fence? I use 1 or 1.5 sacks of post create per hole and throw in any old concrete or big stones I find. Supreme manufacture both recessed and morticed concrete posts suitable for all applications. For Closeboard Fences. Supreme Fencing, Building and Lintel Products Email: sales supremeconcrete. Anderton Concrete – Close Board Fencing. Fencing & Building T: 01606 79436E: sales andertonconcrete.

How To Erect Feather-edge (close Board) Fencing

how to build a close board fence with concrete posts 3Fence posts can be secured in the ground with concrete or metal post spikes. Here we are looking at how to construct a close-board fence with the posts concreted into the ground. It is a new build house and only has a poor quality post/rail fence. Close Board fencing panels are wooden fencing panels formed from vertical feather edge boards, each partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. The Close Board fence are fences traditionally used for boundaries. This type of garden fencing is generally erected with a wooden or concrete gravel board as it stops the end grain of the featheredge from coming into contact with the ground. Advice and step-by step guides for DIY projects in your garden Closeboard Fencing. Close board fencing is made up of posts and rails, with feather edge boards fixed vertically to the rails. Follow on with the next holes until you have all the posts set in concrete at the relevant centres. I want to use concrete posts but want to fit feather edge or closeboard fencing. I can’t help feeling that making your own panels will be less hassle, especially if the concrete posts and gravel boards are already in place? By the time you’ll have done what you’re proposing, you’ll have effectively made panels but with the added hassle of having to attach them to the posts, rather than sliding pre-built panels in from the top.

How To Build Close Board Fencing

Close Board Fencing, also known as a feather board fence, is a very strong form of fence. It is constructed using arris rails and morticed fence posts, with over lapping boards attached. In the below bad side of closeboard fencing example the fence also needed additional concrete spurs, due to the difference in height levels of the ground between the 2 properties. Within 1 metre of your property boundary you are permitted to build fencing up to 2 metres in height without the need for Council planning permission. Kudos Fencing erect or repair all types of garden fencing including featheredge, closed board and closeboard panels with timber or concrete posts in and around the Swindon, Gloucester, oxford, Wiltshire area. Click Here To Order Your DIY Fencing Online Now For Delivery or Collection! Concave and convex round top palisade fencing, wooden posts with ball finials and wooden gravelboards. Closeboard fencing is a step up from ordinary larchlap garden panels. We also supply a concrete recessed post for closeboard fencing which works on the same principal as our V system but here the recesses are for flat rails (87mmx38mm) rather than triangular rails.