How To Add A Lock To A Nightstand Woodworking DIY Project

Adding a lock to your bedroom nightstand is the perfect way to keep little valuables or personal belongings safe. This is a magnetic secret drawer lock. It is simple to build, can be added to any top drawer, and only costs 3 per lock. I recently built 2 floating nightstands that each have a secret magnetic locking mechanism for the top drawer.

how to add a lock to a nightstand 2DIY Night Stand With Locking Secret Hidden Drawer – SHTF & Prepping Central. His only request was if I could add a lock on one of the nightstands to secure a firearm and other valuables. Q: Will my alarms go off if the screen goes to sleep (or I lock my device?). A: If Auto-Lock is enabled within your iDevice’s settings app, Nightstand Central’s Auto-Lock will automatically put your device to sleep after a certain period of inactivity (which you can customize in the Auto-Lock settings). Each drawer glides smoothly on metal guides with safety-stops. Lacquered hardwood drawer sides add to the appeal, and a standard key-lock adds security to the top drawer.

It’s a Bluetooth Connected Lock that Enables you to easily control access to cabinets and drawers without sacrificing esthetics or convenience. Your cleaning lady doesn’t need to know what’s in the night stand. If you can install a towel bar, you can install a Phantom Lock! This two-drawer night stand will add a level of sophistication to any bedroom. Materials: Wood, composite wood. Night Stand for iPad transforms your iPad in a multifunctional and visually appealing Alarm Clock with your own music. It includes worldwide weather forecast with full screen video loops and image slide shows.

Night Stand With Locking Secret Hidden Drawer

how to add a lock to a nightstand 3Adding and managing Friends, or the contacts you see when you click the side button below the Digital Crown, is also improved with watchOS 2. Workout lets you Force Touch to lock and unlock a session. This last one is a favorite among early watchOS 2 testers: Nightstand Mode. Hey guys! I’m trying to find a good safe with a mechanical lock that’s quick-access to put next to the bed. I’m currently using a GunVault but I’ve.

Phantom Lock