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Portable table saws are designed to be easy to lift and move around, making them great for carpenters and others who spend most of their time on the job site. Still, portable saws lack the power to rip thick hardwoods and aren’t really designed to provide the accuracy that fine woodworking demands. A good quality cabinet saw is more of an investment than a contractor saw. And most importantly it will look so good that I wont ever want to use it. I am often torn between the features and style of the more traditional workbenches as listed here and the more modern workbenches that incorporate router tables and Festool style MFT functionality. Roubo Style Workbench from Finewoodworking. Roubo Fine Woodworking. I have been researching the R4512 and Grizzly table saws (in general) and it seems. The good news is that all of these saws are capable of precision work for furniture and fine woodworking. I am going to keep looking on CL and forums for good used saws.

fine woodworking table saw reviews 2There are lots of us waiting for your full review before pulling the trigger on a new TS! A game changer like this should be prioritized on the review list.

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