Diy Trestle Tables Woodworking DIY Project

diy trestle tables 1

Build Your Own Trestle Farmhouse Table. Again, it was Ana White to the rescue with plans for a trestle style farmhouse table just like Lori wanted but for thousands less!. She told me how much she loved her Restoration Hardware inspired dining room table and wanted the desk to resemble that. When I came across this awesome vintage-inspired trestle desk this week, it struck all my favorite things: warm wood tones, a modern industrial vibe, and nothing extraneous, just a nice big surface and some shelves.

diy trestle tables 2This trestle table we bought is made of elm but the finish is similar to limed oak, a technique that dates back centuries. I am very new to DIY and want to be sure that I use the correct wax. I think trestle tables are really pretty, and there are so many great DIY options out there that can save you hundreds or possibly over a thousand dollars.

Trestle Table Arrival

Build Your Own Trestle Farmhouse Table