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In this instructable I will show you how to make a sturdy laptop stand out of cardboard.Why pay over 30pounds/ 60 for a flimsy plastic laptop stand, when you can make a stronger and more environmentally friendly stand for free?!When I thought of this idea I was skeptical and didn’t think the cardboard would be able to support the heavy laptop, but after a bit of brainstorming and some strength tests i thought it was possible and decided to give it a go. When I had finished making it I tentatively lowered my laptop onto the stand, half expecting it to crumble and my laptop slide off the desk. Matt Embrey put together a guide to building a sturdy DIY cardboard laptop stand at the eco-friendly blog greenUPGRADER. Inspired by an acrylic stand built by Eric Skiff but lacking spare acrylic or a laser cutter, Matt opted to work with heavy packaging cardboard instead. We recently showed you how to make your own laptop cooler using only cardboard and a salvaged fan from an old PC. The only trouble is that it looked kind of bad and was a fire hazard if you’d use anything but corrugated cardboard.

diy laptop stand cardboard 2DSCF0319. Here’s how to make your own laptop stand out of cardboard. Ingredients. One piece of cardboard, approximately 53cm wide x 14cm high (cut up an old parcel box or something). Scissors; Pencil; Measuring tape. Instructions. 6. DIY Cardboard Laptop Stand. You’ll have to test how sturdy this DIY Cardboard Laptop Stand is, but at least it’s free! DIYer Eric Stiff made it from three cardboard pieces cut to specifications from patterns he downloaded at Thingiverse. For many, the thought of ruining a perfectly good coat hanger to make a laptop stand is too much to bear. There is a recession on, after all. But fear not, there is a cheaper way: here’s how to make a DIY cardboard laptop stand.

Diy laptop stand cardboard. Eldon Dymo Rolodex Laptop Stand, Black with Silver Accents, 6 3/4H x 13W x 11 1/4D. While we are on the subject of laptop stands check out this Life Hacker post on a variety of different DIY solutions for laptop elevation, including the below elevation with door stops. The Happy Stand is the DIY cardboard laptop stand for you. Smaller template for use with your 11-inch laptop.

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diy laptop stand cardboard 3We’ve put cardboard to good use as a laptop stand once before, but if that corrugated stand just didn’t seem quite sturdy enough to trust with your laptop, this alternate version offers a more robust alternative. LoveThisPic offers DIY Simple Cardboard Laptop Stand pictures, photos & images, to be used on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and other websites. 3. Cardboard Cut-Outs – My laptop is a great little workhorse, but it overheats like nobody’s business. Learn more about the 5 cheapest & easiest DIY laptop stands. Tomas Carrillo designed this cardboard laptop stand: I wanted something that could raise my laptop screen by 8 and not show too much cardboard. The fina. I found this fun tutorial the other night and I really liked the Idea. Since I just purchased my first Laptop I’m obsessed with everything Laptop related. I bought a Dell Latitude 6400 refurbished over Dell Auctions. So far I like it. Whether you’re looking for a quick DIY laptop cooling solution, a permanent home-made laptop cooler that will cool even the most over-worked laptop or just a laptop cooler that looks awesome, the Internet has something for you.

Diy Laptop Stand Cardboard