Diy Iphone Stand Woodworking DIY Project

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In this post we have collected 10 very best DIY iPhone stands. Hope you like some of them and make them right away. Some of these DIY items can take more time than others, so we’ve collected popular stand ideas from around the web that won’t require a lot of your time. DIY iphone dock using only the package material.You will need:Utility knife x 1Ruler x 1Double-sided tape x 1Thin single-sided tape (packing tape will do) x 1iPhone box with plastic holder x 1usb cable that comes with the iphone x 1Half an hour of free time.

diy iphone stand 2Here is my proposal for an Iphone Dock, made out of a 2 by 3 wood stud. As you can see in the main picture, it handles Iphone 3G or 4. I remembered seeing an iPhone stand built out of binder clips on Lifehacker and figured that would work out well at my desk at work. Since this isn’t rocket science it only took a minute or so to fabricate my own iPhone Binder Clip Stand and make a few improvements to the design. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. I just made a similar iPhone stand that uses one club card and the two keychain fobs, but this time I wanted to do it with just one card and it works great. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox.

In this instructable i will show you how to make an easy iphone stand out of cardboard for watching movies or for a clock app. Unleash your creativity with these DIY examples smartphone and tablet accessories. Bend some cutlery and fasten them together to create this cool looking iPhone stand. Consider yourself handy? Check out this list of cellphone accessories that you can easily make yourself, at home (mostly) for free. These top DIY iPhone accessories solve common iPhone problems, add useful features to your phone and save you time and money.

Wood Iphone Dock

Here I round up a collection of DIY iPhone docks and stands to get you inspired both in distinctive look and usability. How to turn an old piece of wood into a cool iPhone dock? Klingon-style iPhone stand created by Etsy user Voodoofabrication and it sells for 59 (USD). 10. DIY iPhone Dock Chepeast docking ever. Are you experiencing frustration since no one has built and released an official charging dock for the iPhone 5 yet? Then this quick little DIY charging dock project may be the perfect solution to your problem and serve as a. Some of our readers will have seen the fun homemade iPhone accessories that we have made before, like the Pencil iPhone Stand and the Cardboard iPhone Dock, the latest one is a Dock for your iPhone or iPod made from some recycled CDs, the Recycled CD iPhone Dock. If you have an iPhone and watch long movies (usually from ripped DVDs) leaving the phone in the dock doesn’t cut it, the iPhone needs to be horizontal. Sew a DIY iPhone or iPod touch Case Stand! Free pattern for personal use.

Diy Cardboard Iphone Stand