Diy Gaming Table Plans Woodworking DIY Project

Kim included a how-to video alongside links to the plans and shopping list over on BoardGameGeek. While Geek Chic tables are stunningly beautiful, they tend to be expensive. Here are a number of at-home DIY hacks that are significantly cheaper. What do you think of our gaming table? Is there a piece of furniture that you’d like to custom make for your own home to improve its usability?

diy gaming table plans 2With that, I decided that I would design and build my own table. Looking at many table designs online, I decided that I wanted to make the construction simple enough to put together in a reasonable amount of time, though strong enough to basically last longer than I do. What are the qualities you feel would be good for a gaming table? It’s the result of several discards designs, the first of which was a 4×8 board screwed to the top of an old pool table, topped with whiteboard taped on. You can find lots of custom made gaming tables online. This one made by BoardGameGeek forum member Bum Kim is special not so much for what it is than for how it was made. Check out his thread on BoardGameGeek for his parts list and plans.

8 Awesome DIY Table Hacks To Make Better Board Game Nights. All of the components used are standard stock lumber / fasteners with the exception of the Piano hinge which usually requires a special order from your DIY store. Whether you need to beat the heat or come in from the cold, make your own DIY game table!

The Build Process

diy gaming table plans 3Designing and fabricating a wooden coffee and game table using old, reclaimed wood will create an instant conversation piece in your living room. To get a mental picture of the project, ask these clarifying questions: How much space is available? Will the table blend in or stand out? Is the table to be stationary or mobile? How big can the table be? How high off the floor should it be designed? Once it’s built, how should it be trimmed and finished? Answering these questions may help visualize the table and where it will be placed before plans are drawn up.

Board Game Table Plans