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Story: Cabinet government. Page 1 What is cabinet? Cabinet is the group of government ministers that meets regularly to deliberate on major political issues. There has never been a set number for posts within the Cabinet. The Prime Minister can amalgamate government departments and join together Cabinet positions and he can also create new ones thus requiring a new Cabinet post. Members who are not in Cabinet are referred to as Regular Members. Even so, consensus government does not mean that unanimous agreement is necessary for decisions to be made, motions passed, and legislation enacted.

define cabinet in government 2Synonyms for cabinet member at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Noun. person high in government. See the What is the Prime Minister of Canada? section of this article for more information on the history, powers and responsibilities of the Prime Minister. The practice of cabinet government is one of these unwritten customs. When the Liberal government came into power in 2013, Australia had only one female cabinet minister – there are now six. Photo: Andrew Meares.

The cabinet includes the heads of fifteen executive departments and others named by the president. What is the function of the President’s Cabinet? Who may belong to the Cabinet?. Many people help the president manage the business of the executive branch. His most important advisers are the members of the Cabinet.

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