Chair History Woodworking DIY Project

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A history of chairs, from Neolithic benches and common domestic stools to the modern ergonomic aesthetic. A chair has four legs, a seat, a back and perhaps arms — or at least that was the rule for hundreds of years. Do you ever stop to think about chairs?. The historical knowledge summarised here is distilled from a great variety of texts, for it seems our fascination with the ‘chair’ is as alive today as it was in ancient times.

chair history 2The evolution of the chair has been a remarkable journey showcasing human creativity, ingenuity and adaptability. This post takes a closer look at the chair throughout history. So now that you know the history of the Windsor chair, the real question is, how do you get your own? Here are three ways that you can bring a little Americana into your home. They found that the more hours the men and women sat every day, the greater their chance of dying prematurely. Those people who sat more than eight hours a day which other studies have found is about the amount that a typical American sits had a 15 percent greater risk of dying during the study’s three-year follow-up period than people who sat for fewer than four hours a day.

A concise history of the Eames Shell Chairs and something of how they get the way they are today. Caroline McGhie is enthralled by The Cass’s celebration of chairs through the ages. Of all the famous chairs that have become common furniture vernacular and even fixtures of pop culture in movies, literature, and art, perhaps none do more to set the stage than rocking chairs.

Take A Seat: Exploring The Chair Throughout History

Chair caning history, study of the craft, instructions and tips on the art of chair cane seat weaving by 35+ year veteran chair caner, Cathryn Peters.

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