Cedar Fence Cost Per Foot Woodworking DIY Project

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Expect to pay between 30 and 50 per hour for labor for several workers. For a 40-foot fence installation, total labor costs can run up to 1,000. NEW CANAAN Good Neighbor Cedar Fence Lattice Top -6ft H x 8ft Wide Attached Diagonal Lattice Topper. Pre-Built, same finish on both sides. 169.00. The cost of a wood fence depends on the size, height, gates, design and installation.

cedar fence cost per foot 2The following prices are what we normally charge, per foot, for various common styles. Checkout this post to find the average cost per foot for different types of materials your can use. The lower cost of split rail fence is often the main reason people choose this type. It is also considered a no bother fence, in that the aging will not make it look bad and it’s easy to maintain. Cedar, 10 15, 1000 1500, 5000 7500. Many of our fences incorporate both cedar and pine, due to different advantages provided by each. Click on the images above to see the average cost per foot of material supply and installation for each style of fence, in both pressure-treated pine and cedar lumber.

Severe Weather Natural Incense Cedar Privacy Fence Panel (Common: 8-ft x 6-ft; How much will a custom built fence by Dream Home Fencing cost? Dream Home Fencing fence construction project can start around 35.00 per linear foot. An affordable San Antonio fence is easy to find with Alamo Decks and Fence. We use a high quality cedar and rust resistant hardware so your fence is built to last. Cap and Trim, Ln. Ft. 5.45. Rock Holes or Hard Dig, Each, 25.00.

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