Black Fence Paint For Horses Woodworking DIY Project

Black fence paint, barn paint and roof paint made in Lexington Ky with agricultural coatings for roofs sheds and metal buildings. You can paint black fencing once every five years and have it still look great. Some horses like to put their heads through the 3-board fencing to eat the grass on the other side. Kentucky Horse Fence Black is brown/black and Mineral Oil based. StudX – Black Fence Paint All prices include GST T&Cs, Privacy Policy.

black fence paint for horses 2Equine Products: Horse Black, Kentucky Horse Fence Black. StudX – Black Fence Paint All prices include GST T&Cs, Privacy Policy Powered by Ubercart. All of the fences will be painted black beginning next week to save on paint and labor costs. I would rather spend the money on horses and horse park programs than on keeping fences painted white, Link said. I am looking for a fence paint by the name of Kentucky Black. Which contains creosote so horses wont eat the fences, and bitumin tars to make it black.

Most black fencing made of wood is coated with an asphalt based paint or creosote to preserve the wood and to discourage horses from chewing on the fence. Lexington Barn & Fence paint is very widely used. Regular black fence paint just doesn’t last that long.and horses will still chew it to bits if they have that tendency. But the reality is that white fence paint costs about three times as much as black paint, white fencing requires repainting at least twice as often as black fencing, and white fencing requires more routine maintenance and resources to keep it at an appropriate level for the Kentucky Horse Park. The Kentucky Horse Park joins most every other horse farm and equine facility in central Kentucky and beyond that utilizes black plank fencing.

Equine Products: Horse Black, Kentucky Horse Fence Black

Down in Kentucky I’ve seen black board fences used around a lot of the horse farms. Could this be used to treat and or paint a wooden barn with? Horses like to chew on fences – they won’t chew on the creosote. Caring for the hundreds of miles of black plank fence across our three Central Kentucky properties is a continuous process that we take very seriously. These traditional wood fences protect our horses with strong, bold and easy-to-see barriers. We prefer to paint in the summer and early fall, as warmer temperatures help the paint hold to the boards. Kentucky Horse Park to Paint Iconic Fencing Black. Switching to black fencing will save an astounding estimated 50,000 annually in materials and labor costs that can be redirected to key operational needs that benefit the Park’s horses and guests. Mostly, however, everyone here conforms to black fence paint. It is pleasing to see it go on, connecting disjointed properties with a common theme. It does nasty things to horses who can be a might high spirited. They were covered with creosote – a black tar like substance. Different reason here. To keep horses from rubbing against the fence, and also to keep the horses from chewing on the fence (tastes nasty). Some 30 miles of white fencing is to be stripped and painted black in coming weeks at the Kentucky Horse Park. The Kentucky Horse Park joins many other horse farms and equine facilities in central Kentucky and beyond that use black plank fencing.

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Black Stallion is a breakthrough product designed specifically for use on stud fencing. Black Stallion has been developed on behalf of thoroughbred horse owners in the interest of the safety of these valuable investments. Aging paint chips in a year or two; black asphalt fades after five or six years. Many horse owners believe the 4 board discourages horses from pawing the fence and hanging up a hoof or leg. Did it prevent your horses chewing the fences? We originally painted the fences with fence paint black and they looked good but they required two coats of paint to cover properly and then faded very quickly.

Last year at my place some fencing was painted with Fence black and the rest with used Diesel engine oil and brickies black.