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Many of the cabinet doors at Kitchen Cabinet Kings are made of birch wood, and most of our door styles and many of our drawers use birch. Pros and Cons of Birch Cabinets. When you install or upgrade your kitchen cabinets, you have many different types of wood from which to choose. Cons: Cherry cabinets come with a very high price tag. Yellow Birch (but not other Birch varieties) is widely used in cabinets. Here are some thoughts on its pros and cons.March 22, 2013. I did consider alder, but I am concerned it’s too soft for kitchen cabinets. A lot of times, my customers ask how hard or durable the wood is before they agree to a wood species.

polyester kitchen cabinets pros and cons 2Cabinets are one of the most important elements of kitchen design. Birch has become very popular, notes Brian Runde of BR Custom Wood Craft in Wales. Pros: Straight grain and even texture, easy to stain Cons: Soft, damages easily. Cons: Expensive, exposure to sunlight can cause wood to redden or darken; some sapwood, mineral streaking and pin holes. I initially say oak, because working in the cabinet industry for over 15 years, we found out real quick that oak is the most durable and easiest wood to stain and finish (and believe it or not, the least expensive – at least in the United States). WHY CHOOSE PAINT GRADE BIRCH AS YOUR WOOD FOR KITCHEN CABINETS? Pros and cons of knotty pine kitchen cabinets and use of knotty pine as an accent throughout your home. Birch and maple cabinets are often the two choices that stand out above the rest when you are adding or changing cabinets in the home. The information below will share the pros and cons of both of these materials. Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet Design Ideas.

Personally, I would steer away from alder for kitchen cabinets and go with a tougher wood. Birch cabinet materials, including alder for face frames and drawer fronts, are readily available almost anywhere building products are sold. Below are some brief descriptions of the more popular cabinet wood species you can choose from. Tags: alder cabinets, birch cabinets, cherry cabinets, hickory cabinets, maple cabinets, red oak cabinets, white oak cabinets. Painted Cabinets or Stained Cabinets: Pros and Cons – Amy Mood.

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polyester kitchen cabinets pros and cons 3After explaining the pros and cons of painting a cabinet door, we decided to add the question-and-answer to our Blog. Alder, Pine, Birch, and Hard Maple being the most expensive. What are the pros and cons about the diffences? One of the cabinet woods most widely used by the early American builder was yellow birch. Exterior Kitchen Cabinet Materials – Information about kitchen cabinets and exterior kitchen cabinet materials: Cherry, Maple, Oak, Alder, Pine, Birch, Rustic Woods. Below are some pros and cons of the most popular choices. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of wood countertops that will help you evaluate them for use in your remodeling or new construction project. They give any kitchen a warmth that can’t be achieved by any other countertop material. Wood types include maple, cherry, oak, birch and teak. Choosing kitchen cabinets can make anyone sweat. Should we go with cherry, maple, red birch, oak or painted? Each wood type has its pros and cons, including the price that you can expect to pay for it and the best ways to use them. Get The Facts on Various Types of Kitchen Cabinets – Pros and Cons. Hardwoods such as cherry, maple, birch or oak are commonly used. Solid Wood Pros.

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So I went to Home Depot and bought a 3ft and a 1ft base cabinet made out of particle board and put a 4ft formica particle board counter top with a small bar sink. I have an Ikea kitchen in my house, with the solid Birch doorfronts – the quality is perfectly acceptable. We did our entire kitchen (DIY) with Ikea Adel birch in 2010. We used 24 cabinets (with 27 drawers). If we’re going to have cabinet doors as appliance panels on the refrigerator and dishwashers, MDF, while stable, is also heavy, and not all appliance doors can bear the weight of MDF-panels. The floor should contrast the cabinets and not blend in. Harder varieties – oak, maple, yellow birch are better for kitchens, and mudrooms.