Bike Rack For Truck Bed Diy Woodworking DIY Project

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I was curious to see if anybody has any pictures of any DIY bike racks they made for inside their truck beds. Also if they have any ideas to pass along. The front tire on my bike would barely fit in those slots. I think some eye-bolts in the pipe would make it easier to bungees down the bikes. I made it to fit my Toyota Tacoma’s bed, and it holds 4 bikes. Yeah, I’ve got to build another one too for this wider truck. The rack has had some pipe cracked for about a year and a half, but it still holds the bike.

bike rack for truck bed diy 2How to Build a Truck Bed Bike Rack. If you have a pickup truck you may be accustomed to laying your bicycle in the back of the bed when you take it out to go for a ride. I usually tie the bikes down at the rear from the rack to the bed tie-down in the floor and the secure the bikes tightly between each other, again using the rear racks. Pipeline Racks offers the best truck bike racks of all size pick up truck beds. We compete with the popular brands like Yakima and Thule for truck bed bike racks.

Planning on wrapping the ‘rails’ with carpetfor a snugger fit on the wheels and making a pin latch to attach this to the bed box so it cant slide or shift.

How To Build A Truck Bed Bike Rack

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The Thirty Dollar Truck Bed Bike Rack