Ben Peterson Wood Gasification Woodworking DIY Project

This week Ben Peterson will be joining us to talk about the ins and outs of building wood gasifiers. There are four copies of his book, Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible up for grabs. This is a guest post by Ben Peterson, author of the Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible. A wood gasifier is a marvel of technology. Imagine being able to turn dead tree branches from your own property into motor fuel. Victory Gasworks’ Ben Peterson has built his own gasifier, specializing in biomass such as wood scraps, yard waste, and corn cobs. Gasifier Construction WorkshopVictory Gasworks is offering a hands-on workshop on Gasifier Construction at the Victory Gasworks site in Toledo, Washington (between Portland and Seattle), on the 6th of September 2008.

ben peterson wood gasification 2In this case you are just replacing the diesel fuel with wood gas. Ben Peterson, was featured in September’s Popular Mechanics as one of 10 Incredibly Cool DIY Projects. Wood Gasifier Builder’s Bible: Advanced Gasifier Plans to Build Your Own Wood Gas Generator. Make Free Biofuel at Home. by Ben Peterson. You should also be careful, wood gas is not only poisonous (carbon monoxide) but carcenogenic. I have been watching Ben (Peterson?), too.

Ben Peterson’s gasifier is the result of his journey to be self-sufficient and create his own electricity. The Oregon resident decided to use the one thing he had plenty of – wood – to create electricity by making wood gas to fuel a low-speed engine. Wood Gasifier Construction Video by Ben Peterson (DVDs, movies, videos and documentaries forum at permies). Not wanting to force the conversation I opened the wood hopper and told him to stick his head in. So, maybe, just maybe, another wood gas addict has been born!

Woody Gasifier: Off-grid With Just Wood?

In the meantime, this is an interesting set of 7 short videos called Wood Gas Crash Course about wood-gas from a guy named Ben Petersen, who sells a modern book about doing this. A small gas engine fueled by wood can see a net thermal efficiency of 15, and 20 is possible under optimal conditions. I think the Hotwatt system that Ben Peterson developed is very nice. I am looking for information on a commercially built wood gasifier for off grid power generation at my home.

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