Baltic Birch Torsion Box Woodworking DIY Project

There is a great definitive chapter on torsion box making that will answer all your questions and more. Plywood wood be ideal, especially Baltic Birch or Apple Ply, which is the American equivalent of Baltic Birch and can be purchased in 4 x 8 sheets. I am going to build a torsion box assembly table out of MDF and wondered what size would be required to handle most projects. I wanna build an assembly table (torsion box) and i want to know why most poeple use MDF for the honeycombs? Is it because it’s cheaper than plywood or maybe it is because it’s a more stable material? (won’t expand/shrink) I don’t think MDF is lighter than plywwod so weight is not the reason. Even 1/16th of an inch is pretty darn small when you’re building an assembly table don’t you think? My thinking in tolerances allowed me to build my assembly and outfeed table out of Baltic Birch without too much concern about how absolute flat it was and when I finish my Bench with a hard Maple top I doubt I’ll fluke a top that’s flat to within a thou or too.

baltic birch torsion box 2I was inspired to build a new, larger mobile torsion box assembly table after seeing Marc’s post, and Len’s table, as well. I am about to start a project and I want to use birch plywood can you paint the edges of it and get a good finish or is it best to edge joint with poplar. Right now, I’m making torsion box shelves with baltic birch skins and poplar edging. Making a little MDF and fir torsion box for the vacuum bag.

I built two flip top tables with torsion box designs, one for my planer and one for my Ridgid oscillating belt/drum sander. A torsion box isn’t that difficult to build. A good flat sheet material like Baltic Birch and accurate width dadoes make the assembly easy. In your case, 25′ long is going to have to be made in sections. I highly recommend building something called a Torsion box. Baltic birch would be nice as it is stable and well laminated and i think you can find it in full size sheets now.

Ken’s Mobile Torsion Box Assembly Table

I plan to use torsion boxes for the work surfaces. However, I can’t find a lot of information on sizing the. Also note the angled slot, which received a baltic birch deflector plate that the dust collection hood would mount against. My frame press table is a torsion box that’s been cnc machined flat. Note, in the detail, that the top torsion box and the sides torsion boxes were to be the same thickness. Of course, I didn’t have a piece of 1/2 baltic birch big enough – big surprise.

Flip Top Table: Torsion Box Or Plywood?