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The Backwoods, alternately known in Spanish as Bosque de Sombras, is a 2006 Spanish-British thriller film directed and co-written by the Spanish director Koldo Serra. Set in 1978 in the Basque Country, Northern Spain, The Backwoods tells the story of two married couples staying in an isolated house in the woods. I suspect that many people didn’t even make it past the first half hour of Backwoods, but thankfully the film does get somewhat better after that. The story begins very simply, with a group of computer geeks going on a corporate retreat in the woods. But, even in the most beautiful and serene spots, we get that uneasy feeling now, because of cinema. The feeling that some odd, inbred freak might be watching us from the woods, breathing deep and aiming his hand-made bow. We imagine that, in the shadows of such places, live a breed of people so feral and terrifying, we only speak of them in hushed tones.

backwood movie 2Watch Backwoods free online at Popcornflix. A group of friends reunite on a camping trip for a ten-year high school reunion. Lots of questions are left unanswered, like a movie you fell asleep watching on late night TV and were never able to find again. A decent cast and ok production values get completely lost in The Backwoods, an atmosphere-rich psychological thriller in which psychology and thrills are missing. Backwoods Horror movies come in many different varieties, but being chased through the woods by inbred, homicidal maniacs is definitely at the core of this tried and true sub-genre. Of course sometimes it can be Neo-Nazis doing the chasing, or maybe even a monster; and sometimes the action takes place on a mountain or even in a single cabin; but there are always somehow woods involved.

ClearPlay has filtered The Backwoods like an Edited Movie. ClearPlay can remove offensive content from The Backwoods based on your settings. As an avid genre fan and movie collector, I keep a lookout for certain films that take me back to the good old days of roaming those mysterious forests. Serra’s film is set in 1978 and is about two couples traveling to a remote house in the woods of Northern Spain.

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backwood movie 3BAFTA winners Gary Oldman and Paddy Considine (In America, Cinderella Man) co-star in this backwoods thriller from Spanish writer-director Koldo Serra. Backwoods is a fantastic Spanish film that quite obviously owes much to Deliverance and Straw Dogs in the way of mood and cinematography. Since Deliverance arrived in the early 70s, audiences have become increasingly more paranoid of the backwoods. From inbred hicks to bloodthirsty rednecks, backwoods killer movies have produced an eclectic mix of countryside antagonists. Download 3gp avi MP4 mobile movies for Backwoods by from category Hollywood Mobile Movies. American Backwoods: SLEW HAMPSHIRE Official Online Press Kit. A list of the best backwoods horror movies — i.e., rural, survival horror movies. Unfortunately, they can only do so much, as the movie suffers from a convoluted script that borrows too much from its cinematic predecessors and fails to really go anywhere. The Backwoods captures the late 1970s vibe pretty well, and it has an especially cool soundtrack laced with Leonard Cohen tracks.

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Backcountry movie review, this is a visual and aural piece of cinema that gets dragged down by its story. Then there’s Eric Balfour coming out of nowhere as some sort of maniac, backwoods fisherman who doesn’t just clean fish before cooking them, but savagely mutilates them, ripping their guts out with MacDonald adding sickening sucking sounds to ratchet up the disgust.