Adjustable Crib Skirt Tutorial Woodworking DIY Project

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DIY Adjustable Box Pleat Crib Skirt Tutorial at I picked out this crib skirt from Pottery Barn Kids almost immediately in the nursery design process. My pattern was evenly spaced, so it was pretty easy to cut following the fabric pattern vs. measuring. My next diy nursery project as my adjustable crib skirt. I’ve read a lot of making a skirt for a crib but it makes me hard when it comes on sewing part, what if the crib has no wooden part to put a thumbtacks? any suggestion?.

adjustable crib skirt tutorial 2Even though this tutorial specifically focuses on the short sides, it makes much more sense to buy all your fabric at once so here s how I measured for it. About forty short minutes later I had a custom fitted crib skirt (that’s removable and washable too). Com/2010/03/16/nursery-update-the-crib/), and my mom and I are making a skirt that’s adjustable so that it will work regardless of the mattress’s height. There are a lot of tutorials and blogs about making adjustable crib skirts. I have seen so many different concepts, including tutorials with ties, buttons, folds, Velcro, etc.

I came across this easy tutorial for a crib skirt from View Along the Way and fell in love, it adjusts as you lower the crib mattress, genius. Crib skirts are certainly not a necessity, but I wanted one in Baby Girl’s nursery because it gives me an extra place for concealed storage and makes the crib look more finished. I turned to the internet for advice on how to DIY a crib skirt, and came across two similar tutorials, here and here. I was immediately delighted to discover in both tutorials.

Easily Adjustable Box Pleat Crib Skirt, Part 1

adjustable crib skirt tutorial 3There are tons of tutorials about how to make crib skirts however, I found most of them to be a one size only tutorial which didn’t make sense to me! With a crib, as the baby grows, the mattress height changes which means the crib skirt length changes. With this tutorial, I’d like to show you how I made an adjustable crib skirt that can be used for all 3 mattress heights. How to make a simple tailored box pleat crib skirt from one yard of fabric that adjusts easily with the height of the crib deck. Pleat in Mod Dot Pattern. Adjustable Crib Skirt wth Box Pleat in Mod Dot Pattern. So here is the how to on creating your very own adjustable crib skirt. Height can be a bit tricky because they usually have adjustable heights for the growing baby. I measured the longest my crib skirt would need to be and I figure that as I lower the crib I can either tuck or pin the crib skirt up so it doesn’t drag along the floor.

No Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt