3 Board Horse Fence Woodworking DIY Project

The posts and rails can be left natural, or they can be painted with our board fence paint. 3 and 4 rail fencing systems are available. To help protect the fence from chewing horses, we recommend installing electric fence with your board horse fence. 3 and 4 board fencing maintains the country look of your rural property and blends into the natural surroundings. Also known as goat or sheep fence, it is the same heavy duty construction as the woven horse wire with larger 4 inch square spacing between the wires. Horse Fencing – Installing the Boards. Board fencing is attractive, functional and easy to install. The most common type of board is rough sawn oak, 1 x 6. Instead of a common nail, choose a spiral shank nail. The nail should be 16d or 3 1/2 long.

3 board horse fence 2There are a few different types of board fence, but the mainstay of horse farms is either 3 or 4 board. There is nothing really to add about board fence that you probably don’t already know. It is about half the cost as Centaur and a little less than Vmesh wire. General Timber provides treated wood corral horse fencing for landowners across the state of North Carolina. This fence installation was part of a comprehensive horse farm makeover in Prince William County, Virginia aimed at implementing best management practices (BMPs) that benefit horses, horsekeepers, and the environment.

Kentucky Post and Board Fence, also called horse fence, board fence, plank fence, and post and rail fence, comes in a variety of styles and designs such as three and four rail along with several post combinations, from 4×4 s, 4×6’s, and 6×6 s to round posts and round faced posts. Kentucky Board Fences are seen throughout the rolling hills, pastures, and residential back yards in the greater Cincinnati and the Tri-state areas. Safe, secure, durable and attractive fencing is a key component of horse farm management. Explore the different types of fencing using in Central Kentucky horse farms and discover the best fence options for your farm. Some horses like to put their heads through the 3-board fencing to eat the grass on the other side. All is well until they over-react and try to pull their heads up suddenly, often removing a board or two, or even worse, breaking their jaw.

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3 board horse fence 3Is there a difference in fence other than looks. Im starting my wood fencing on the farm,when I start that’s what the hole place will be,im doing 2. Horserail has a beautiful wooden board look with no need of paint, and you can expect over 20 years of life. The rail is composed of polyethylene molecularly bonded to pre-straightened, 200,000 minimum PSI, class 3 galvanized fence wire. Traditional three- and four-board wood fence is a classic look for horse fence. Four different standard styles shown. Black 4-Rail, White 4-Rail, Black 3-Rail, White 3-Rail. Strong and Elegant. Our Steel Board Fence is the only post and rail board fence made of steel. It has the aesthetic appeal of traditional wood fencing but is much stronger and more durable. We can build, repair, paint and maintain all styles of fencing for horses and livestock. Here are the most common styles. 3 BOARD FENCE 4 BOARD FENCE SPLIT RAIL FENCE VINYL FENCE ESTATE FENCE CLICK HERE. Oct 19, 2009.. 3 fence board installation. 3 fence board installation.

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